About Me

Dr. Martina Hestericová

Freelance science journalist and science communicator

Martina Ribar Hestericova

Martina Hestericová is a freelance science journalist based in Basel, Switzerland. Her articles cover a variety of topics including chemistry, biology, physics, health, engineering, space exploration and psychology.
Her work has appeared in Chemistry World, Physics World, Medium, Quark and Denník N.

Martina holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and master’s degree in bioorganic chemistry from the Comenius University on Slovakia and a PhD in chemistry aimed at bioinorganic chemistry and molecular biology from the University of Basel in Switzerland. Her scientific articles were published in Nature Protocols, Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., Chemical Communications, Dalton Transactions, Tetrahedron and Chimia.

After finishing her studies, she became a forensic analytical chemist, but continued with writing and communicating science. She went freelance in 2014.

Her science outreach activities also include running an Instagram account with over 24k followers.

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